The Bookkeeper explain about bookkeeping and accounting services to his team

Your Organization’s Accounting Function Managed for you

e:countable provides premier accounting, bookkeeping and Controller/CFO services for businesses and nonprofits. We believe that routine bookkeeping and accounting functions require consistent and conscientious attention. We strive to enhance your business’s performance by managing your accounting tasks in an efficient, productive and cost effective manner. Leave your bookkeeping and accounting tasks to us so you can focus your time on adding value to your business. 


Technology & Guaranteed Security

Rest assured that the latest technology and software are in place to protect your organization’s financial information, while giving you access to your financial records any time and anywhere internet service is available. e:countable‘s platform runs on private virtual servers hosted by Right Networks. Multiple Tier 4 data centers across the U.S utilize fully redundant IT infrastructure, multi-layered firewalls and malware detection, real-time data replication and nightly backups. Backups are maintained for 90 days. There are automatic managed software and app updates with no down time required. Technical support is based solely in the U.S.
private virtual servers hosted by Right Networks

Understand Your Financial Statements

A person reviewing financial health of your business

Having a clear understanding of the financial health of your business gives you the power to excel and a competitive advantage within your industry.  We guide you through the interpretation of your financial statements and the story they tell about your business. Our intelligent and experienced Controller/CFO team will help you make sense of the numbers.


A Team Of Experts

An organization’s accounting function is impacted by employee absence, multi-tasking, and staff turnover. e:countable‘s dedicated team of virtual accounting professionals keep the daily/weekly/monthly accounting workflow on track. Payroll is processed on time; account reconciliations are current and cash balances are available as needed to effectively manage the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Our focus, insight and attention to detail ensure your accounting records are organized and up to date.
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Planning For Success

A Accountant discussing about forecast models and key performance indicators with the business owners
e:countable works with business owners to develop customized forecast models and key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to their business. Models are built to highlight the cause and effect and relationships between decisions or assumptions and the resulting impact they have on the financial statements and cash flow. Forecasting and budgeting provides the framework to make informed business decisions, strengthen the organization’s financial position and capitalize on future opportunities.
Understanding The Risks

Studies repeatedly show that small businesses and not for profit entities are most susceptible to fraud and embezzlement because they often lack the personnel, systems and processes to adequately safeguard the organization’s assets. Our team approach incorporates segregation of duties to mitigate the risk of fraud and collaboration to identify best practices for managing the organization’s operations.

Timely Reports & Information

A accountant reviewing financial data with business owners
Nimble business decisions require accurate, relevant and timely financial reporting. It is critical to have the right information at the right time. e:countable works with business owners to determine the specific financial data needed to effectively manage their business. We then consistently deliver that information in person or through a virtual call to convey trends and anomalies.